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A Swedish cleantech company
 The only real frequency inverter.

Our vision is to develop and manufacture the best inverter in the world.
Frequency inverter
Swedish environmental technology
NFO Drives is a Swedish cleantech company, which works with developing and manufacturing products that make electrical motors for machines, fans and pumps etc. more energy efficient. With our product – the NFO Sinus frequency inverter – the motor’s speed can be adapted to actual need, which means that you can save up to 70 percent energy.
Through reduced energy costs an investment in NFO Sinus pays for itself quickly – often within a year. Thanks to our patented technology, NFO Drives can offer an inverter without electromagnetic interference.
The patents
Ragnar Jönsson (M.SC.Eng.)at Ideon in Lund started in the middle of the 1980s researching different ways of better controlling electrical motors. Ragnar Jönsson’s work resulted in a number of patented inventions which made it possible to:

1. Control the motor with full torque from the start and at low speeds.

2 Control the electrical motor with a sinusoidal voltage which results in interference-free control.
The company

NFO Drives AB was started in 1996 to develop frequency inverters based on the new technology, under the name NFO Sinus. The business was situated in Svängsta in Blekinge and the first product, a single phase inverter at 1,5 kW was launched on the market in 1998.

During the following years, the inverter was developed to provide increasingly higher power outputs and today the range includes a three phase inverter up to 22 kW. Throughout the years more patents have been obtained within the area of controlling electrical motors.

All electronics are manufactured externally by partners. The final assembly of the inverter is carried out to some degree within our own company although OEM products are produced in large volumes by external contractors.

The company is listed at Spotlight stock market

Swedish cleantech in malmö
The Turning Torso tower in Malmö saves energy without interference using NFO Sinus.
Managing Director:
Johan Braun
Chairman of the board:

Göran Hedbys, Malmö

Board of directors:
Göran Hedbys, Malmö
Niklas Johansson, Switzerland
Johan Hallberg, Lomma
Håkan Persson, Stockholm

NFO Drive - Johan Braun

Board and management

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