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Interference free future
NFO Drive's unique frequency inverter

NFO Sinus is the obvious choice for motor control of electric motors. As the only product on the market,  NFO Sinus transforms the mains frequency into a new frequency with a pure sine curveContact Us if you are interested in an interference-free and cost-effective solution that eliminates bearing damage and at the same time helps you reach your sustainability goals.

Healthy electric motor
Combine with earth-fault circuit breaker
Free in placement
Interference free
Cost efficient installation

Simple installation

+ No shielded cables
+ No complicated installation requirements
+ No distance restrictions

Silent operation

+ No electomagnetic interference
+ No irritating switching noise

Safe technology

+ No bearing currents
+ No earth currents

What do our customers think about NFO Sinus?

Customer satisfaction is our main focus, we are happy to let our customers describe the benefits of NFO Sinus.

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