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Swedish cleantech
Variable speed control of electric motors

Our vision is to manufacture the world's best frequency inverters
Swedish environmental technology.
NFO Drives is a Swedish cleantech company that works on the development and manufacturing of products for energy-efficient electric motor optimization for machinery, fans, pumps, and more.

With our product, the NFO Sinus frequency inverter, the motor speed can be adjusted to the current demand, enabling energy savings of up to 70 percent. Due to reduced energy costs, an investment in NFO Sinus pays off quickly, often within a year. Thanks to the unique technology, NFO Drives can offer inverters without electromagnetic interference and a pure sine wave feed.
The company NFO Drives

In 1996, the company NFO Drives AB was founded to develop frequency inverters based on the new technology under the name NFO Sinus.

The operations were located in Svängsta, Blekinge. The first product, a single-phase inverter of 1.5 kW, was launched in 1998. Over the following years, inverters of increasingly higher powers were developed, and today the range includes three-phase inverters up to 15 kW. Over the years, several patents have been obtained in the field of electric motor control. At the same time, more and more customers have understood the advantages of NFO Sinus and started using the products.

The company is currently listed on the Spotlight market.
Turning Torso NFO Sinus
At Turning Torso, energy is saved without interference using NFO Sinus.
Frekvensomriktare NFO
Unique technology
Civil engineer Ragnar Jönsson at Ideon in Lund began researching different ways to control the electric motor more efficiently as early as the mid-1980s. Ragnar Jönsson's work resulted in a number of inventions that made it possible to:

1. Control the motor with full torque from the start and at low speeds.

2. Control the electric motor with an output in the form of a pure sine wave, resulting in interference-free control.

Board and management

Johan Braun
Chairman of the Board 

Göran Hedbys, Malmö

Other Board members:
Niklas Johansson, Schweiz
Johan Hallberg, Lomma
Håkan Persson, Stockholm

Johan Braun NFO Drives
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