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NFO Drives has been a listed company since 1999. Our ambition is to continuously update the stock market and invest with relevant information. I and with this it becomes easier to understand NFO Drives. Financial reports and important dates to keep an eye on are published on this page. By following us on cision news and on Linked-In, you will not miss other publications and press releases. You can also read news and information about the company on Spotlight Market's website.


Release of Q1-Q4 statement (2021)    15 Feb 
Annual report (2021)                            31 Mar      
Release of Q1-report                           14 Apr
Release of Q4-report                            8 Jul        
Release of Q3-report                           14 Oct


Release of Q1-Q4 statement (2021)   17 Feb 
Annual report (2022)                            31 Mar 
Release of Q1-report                           14 April
Annual general meeting                       28 April
Release of Q2-report                            7 Jul

Important dates

Unfortunately our financial reports are only provided in swedish, hopefully we will be able to provide them in english in the future as well.


Contact us if you would like to sign up for a company meeting or if you want to order information material. Send an email to

Nyheter Eng

Latest news

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