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ICA’s largest cold storage warehouse, almost 70,000 square metres in size.

It is 15 metres up to the ceiling where the fan unit is installed in the cold storage warehouse.

Fortifications Administration in Karlskrona. “It is difficult to get a totally interference-free environment with conventional frequency inverters – even using filters and shielded cables according to the manufacturer’s instructions

We were looking for a solution to achieve a low-energy ventilation system in an interference-free environment. We decided to test the NFO Sinus inverters which should meet our needs. These use a totally different technique and give an output voltage in the form of pure sine wave. This means that they do not need filters or shielded cables to be interference-free!

“At first we installed an inverter on trial and were able to establish that our radio transmissions were totally free from problems. We then decided that all inverters in the building should be of the same type, and in total nine inverters were installed. Now the ventilation system has been fully operational for some time and functions totally interference-free”, confirms a satisfied Mats Lundbergs.

“NFO Sinus has also solved other inverter problems here. We have a clothing change store area where we were forced to install a separate ventilation system to prevent people suffering from allergy problems. First a conventional inverter was used to control the fans. But a loud howling noise came from the fans. The sound caused by the frequency inverters was so disruptive that we could not have the fans running, says Mats Lundbergs. “So we tried changing to NFO Sinus. The unwanted noise disappeared immediately and we got a totally silent ventilation system.



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